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Private Equity Firm

What is a Private Equity Firm?

A private equity firm is a company that is focused on investments. This type of company uses its own money, or other types of capital from other investors, to expand or startup a business. A private equity firm is not often publicly listed and they do not trade shares of stock. The positive to this is that a private equity firm is not governed by the same rules and regulations to which a public company must abide. Another term used is to call this firm a financial sponsor. They often raise capital which they then invest into a specific strategy. Of course, their focus is to always receive a positive return on their investment.

Brush Creek private equity firm has been built on individual people, families, and entrepreneurs who work and invest together. They have a strong relationship forged over time with their co-investors and as a result have capital of over $50 million already committed and searching for new opportunities in which to invest.

As with any other private equity firm, one of the main focuses of all of us at Brush Creek private equity firm is to receive a return on every investment that we make. The main way we do this is to raise and obtain capital from partners to contribute to the fund. Once we have money in the fund, we then use our expertise to research and analyze what companies are available that we may want to acquire. Once we make an acquisition, we provide support to that company and provide advice about the strategy, operations, and continued financial management for the company. This ensures that the acquisition will be a profitable one.

Most private equity firms receive management fees, as well as receive a portion of profits from the equity funds, even though they are private. We function off of direct investments into our organization, and it does require a large amount of money to acquire a large amount of control of the operations of a company. A company will not allow us to have control without providing them with a large amount of money. This is why we work hard to continue to find investments for the fund.

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